Shinedown - us and them

Brent Smith revealed all in an interview on Radio Station in Orlando, Florida, which can be heard here , and since then the whole argument has apparently been settled out of court. However, as the album had already been printed, the song is still credited as being written by the members of Shinedown.

As Smith explains, Shinedown’s approach on Threat to Survival had much to do with the emotionally raw material at the heart of the album. “When we started the writing process we realized the changes that had taken place over the past 2 years, our experiences, the relationships that had come and gone, the album really took on a life of its own,” says Smith. “It’s like the songs were saying to us, ‘The songs were so honest, it felt necessary to present them in the most straightforward way possible.”

Shinedown - Us And ThemShinedown - Us And ThemShinedown - Us And ThemShinedown - Us And Them